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Who are we?

Every creation begins and ends with a woman.  If the pee-powered generators built by a group of 14-year-old girls in Nigeria wasn’t enough, what about this Turkish girl who figured out how to turn bananas into bioplastic…or Ada Lovelace, who invented the first computer program? Women have been innovating and excelling in the fields of science and math for hundreds of years…despite facing harassment and discrimination. More empowerment means more women in science, which means more life-saving inventions. 

Half the world population are women! We are so much more than the eyes can see, and have so much more to offer. The psychology of growth is to talk about it; so let's talk! 

( Claire Litton-Cohn - Matador)


But wait there's more...

Financial empowerment of women spurs economic growth within a country…which can lead to the country becoming more stable, reducing poverty, and becoming a bigger player in the global market.

 If women are empowered, that frees men from the pressure to be the primary wage-earner and shows little boys they can explore all aspects of who they are, without paying attention to roles that are traditionally “masculine” or “feminine.”  

 Everyone’s seen beauty magazines, with their focus on hairless, sculpted, unreal, bleached and plucked specimens of humanity…and that’s just the men. The current beauty standards teach everybody to hate themselves because they’re too fat, too hairy, too old, or just plain not airbrushed enough. If we’re willing to empower women to accept who they are and how they look (beautiful!), men will reap the benefits and stop having to worry about their appearances and feel bad too. Throw the beauty magazines away before we all feel ugly. 

( Claire Litton-Cohn- Matador)


Empowered Women- Outreach Programs

A hug, a comforting word, a story about  a struggle; it all helps us to remain united; to build and not to divide. We all have a story, let's share it and only because SHE WROTE we are here to tell it!

Tentative Outreach Events:

Community Street Sweep- TBD

Back to School Drive- TBD

Beach Warm up- Healthy and Happy- TBD